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export tax rebate

BLC (Bonded Logistics Center) with the functions of ports, mainland enterprises out of goods to the BLC, can enjoy export tax rebates, multi-trade, the realization of Hong Kong to replace the day. According to the Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation, the General Administration of Customs jointly issued the 【2004】 taxation No. 133, "domestic goods into the Suzhou Industrial Park Customs Bonded Logistics Center (B-pilot), as exports to enjoy export tax rebate policy, The Customs and Excise Department to issue the required export tax declarations".
The range of goods can be stored by the approval of the Customs:
Domestic exports
Re-exports and international transit of goods;
Temporary foreign goods;
Import and export of processing trade goods;
The supply of international ships and aircraft materials, parts and components maintenance;
For the maintenance of foreign products imported consignment of spare parts;
Non-customs procedures in general trade imports;
The other non-customs procedures goods as approved by the Customs.
    Export tax rebates for domestic vendors providing convenient services to the suppliers in mainland which means a great convenience, cost savings and time shortened from upstream suppliers to apply for export tax rebate to the delivery to the lower reaches of the factory, and dyston Modern Logistics can provide full service. 
 For more information on the export tax rebate services, please feel free to contact us!



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