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 Case of circulating consumption-oriented enterpris

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Case of circulating consumption-oriented enterpris

With the increasingly fierce market competition and gradually increased consumer demand, brand owners are getting closer and closer to consumers. The former multi-level marketing channel model is facing a new market challenges.

Fast moving consumer goods are characterized by fast replacement, complicated category management, wide coverage of sales network and high density. Driven by market demand, Eternal Asia has established perfect deep supply chain service platform and can help enterprises realize nationwide depth distribution and distribution implementation service.
Case I of FMCG Distribution

Customer D is the owner of a world-famous milk powder brand. During its early development period in Panyu market, because of the restrictions of talent, logistics, finance and service etc of its former distributor, its performance in Panyu market was less than satisfactory. However, since it make cooperation with Eternal Asia in 2012, it has been expected to make great breakthroughs in channel penetration, sales volume and market share.

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