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Post recruitment

post responsibilities:

1、responsible for the development and maintenance of the company's major customers
2、visit customers regularly
service requirements:
1、engaged in the logistics industry sales for more than 1 years; sales experience is preferred;
2、with pioneering, creative and good communication and coordination skills;
3、a monthly sales target.

Customer service
post responsibilities:
1、engaged in customer service for more than 1 years; customer service experience is preferred;
2、accept the customer's business consulting, to take part, inquiry, etc.;
3、responsible for the system to enter the delivery information, to ensure accurate and timely;
4、responsible for timely notification and coordination arrangements pick up, and follow the confirmation for the results;
5、responsible for customer goods inquiry, tracking goods in transit to ensure the safety of goods to the destination on time;
6、according to the customer contract and quotation for the goods in time to cover the goods and fill in the insurance list;
7、responsible for the customer's daily maintenance, mining customer needs, and timely feedback to the superior;
8、customer complaints handling, communication with customers, propose solutions, and provide the necessary assistance to the quality control personnel and insurance claims;
9、responsible for customer freight accounting and reconciliation;
10、every day of the customer is responsible for the QCT of the customer's query reply and exception handling;
11、According to the customer's complaints within 24 hours to establish the "service missing report"; and the "service missing report" for the collation and archiving;
12、on time delivery of customer information on a monthly basis;
service requirements:
1、strong communication skills, a sense of responsibility, have a certain customer service experience.




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